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When Michelle came to my home to establish the Fung Shui areas, I had a good idea of what was possible but never really knew the power of what was to happen. It would take at least 10 pages of notes to cover what I was and am aware of. So I will share the one experience that absolutely brought proof and evidence to why everyone could use this NOW! 

When putting together my wealth and prosperity area Wood/Water, Michelle recommended a wood Buddha. All I had at the time was a wood cat and some wood walking sticks. So that worked. I kept searching for a wood Buddha when about 6 months later found one. After placing him in his special spot I felt accomplished to finally place him there. Not really thinking much about it, daily life calls. Within 10 days my husband and I receive unexpected income from taxes that we had no idea were owed to us. The substantial amount was shocking and then In a flash I knew the Buddha had opened up an energetic flow into our bank account. Even saying this now is dreamlike and doesn’t seem real but the numbers we see in our account don’t lie. 

Over the years I have come to know I am always in supply being a single parent for over 15 years this wasn’t always true but working on myself I have rose above the fear of not enough. Now this place of arrival is another step onto another level of energetic attraction. I know we must move energy in our physical environment to attract what we desire. No sitting on the sidelines wishing and hoping. Get up and do something and that something is calling on Michelle to flow the energy in your most sacred living space (your sanctuary). Your statements to life must be reflected in your sanctuary and what is in these spaces do not lie. They reflect what is really going on with you and all you’ve been through. I have done a lot of personal work on myself and taking hold and empowering my sacred sanctuary helps me when I run out of gas. After all, I need inspiration just like anyone else. Michelle left me with bite size piece to apply after her day with me. Michelle was always a text away to cheer me on or help me understand something. I continue to fuel and focus on the areas that call to me but also I can relax knowing I am attracting more balance and beauty into my world. I can honestly say when I changed my thoughts about reading Feng Sui books and doing this myself I opened a door to let someone help me: Michelle is your girl as she arrives at your doorstep with passion and commitment to serve your potential.


Thank you Michelle for helping to make my home a sanctuary where energy is the truth and I can express freely️!

We are so happy and thankful, that we hired Michelle with Diamond Interior Design, to help us renovate and update our home. 

She transformed our interior space, that we did not like at all, into our dream home. 
Her designs always complimented our personality and the rest of the home. She understood our needs and her attention to detail was spectacular. 

She is incredibly hardworking, trustworthy and dedicated to her profession and clients.

And to top it all off, she’s a wonderful person and always a pleasure to deal with. 
~Helene Paulgaard

Michelle is fantastic!! She has made such a difference in the way our home feels!! Love everything she has done! So excited for our renovations downstairs! Michelle also has done are commercial property with great results!!😊

~Carmen Marler

I love Michelle and her work. We have used her for both residential design and commercial , both with beautiful results. She delivers on your time schedule and within our set budgets. When - not if - we renovate or update I Michelle will be the first person we call.

~Joelle Johnson

From the first consultation to the last part of the project Michelle was on top of everything. From the smallest detail to the biggest detail everything was taken care of. Such knowledge of so many different ideas from color, size and design we couldn’t imagine having anyone else on our project.

~Tyler Botham

We have worked with Michelle twice now and we love the results. She listens to our ideas and imparts her expertise. We appreciate everything she has done for us. Our living room is nearing completion and we love it! It's relaxing and comfortable. She has helped us transform our home from a house that I wanted to sell, to a home that brings me happiness and makes me smile. We looked at one another and said, "Let's scrap our winter holiday and just stay home!!" It's that inviting. Guy thanks you, Michelle, for keeping him busy with "His Projects"

~Karen Barnabe

My experience with Diamond Interior Design Ltd. was great! It took a lot of stress away during the renovations of our basement suite. Michelle was very professional and quick to address any concerns. She was easy to work with and easy to talk to. She has great taste and stuck to our budget and needs without compromising on quality and still making our place look amazing! Thanks for all your awesome and hard work! 

Thank you to diamond interiors, Michelle your expertise and eye for detail are evident everywhere we look in our home. She did the impossible: elegance with the spirit and hominess we yearned for. She is amazing and a pleasure to work with.

~ Melinda Smart

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Michelle Jackson | Designer

Phone: 403-506-2769


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